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Maybe an answer? May 2, 2008

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In Feb, the doc ran a bunch of blood tests and found that my thyroid was slightly out of whack.  The follow up test showed it was fine.  Last week the doc said there is another test that can be done because some people have a thyroid that fluctates from from fine to bad.  I’m working on the details of getting in to an endocrinologist to learn more, but my doc did recommend that I start taking synthoid.  

The other tests are still to come.  It is cool and scary to have this little tidbit about why I continue to miscarry.  I hate taking medications, but do have all the symptoms around being tired, down and putting on weight (maybe it isn’t just from eating my face off?!?).  And it does regulate the hormones, so it makes sense that there is a correlation to the pregnancies.  But I suspect this is all due to menopause being around the corner.  I’m on the young end for that, but my biological mom finished it by 40.  I’m 38.  So part of me is fearful that it is all inevitable–my chances of having a natural child are dwindling quickly.

Again I’m stuck in that limbo of wanting a plan, but being afraid of what it is.  Really I want a plan and I want it to be “have sex and have a healthy baby.”  Simple.  Effective.  Feasible?