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Still in labor and delivery August 13, 2009

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Looks like I’m staying until the 24 hour urine test is complete and they will decide from there on next steps.  It is pretty uneventful.  They check my bp multiple times a day and monitor the baby, who is doing great, a couple of times.  Hopefully I’ll get to go home tomorrow.  I’d much prefer that somebody says either I’m here until delivery or I’m going home to bedrest….I deal much better with something concrete than limbo land.  Oh well.  I have even more respect now for women who are stuck on bedrest, both at home or in the hospital, for months at a time.  I cannot imagine!

So after my internal last night, I had a fair amount of bright red blood with clots.  It reminded me of the early stages of miscarriages.  And I had a lot of cramping down low.  I think I’ve dilated further.  Earlier in the week, I was having pressure and similar sensations to when I miscarried in my vaginal area, so I had mentioned to my husband that I thought I was dilating.  I also thought I lost a small amount of mucus plug.  Well, I think I just lost quite a bit more.  My guess is this baby is coming in a week or two.  And that is ok.  Of course I want him to be in there as long as possible and be healthy, but I also trust my body and his.  These signs that things are moving towards him being on the outside are telling me to put my faith in accepting what comes and it will be ok.  Since I’ll be 35 weeks tomorrow, it is much easier to accept it and be at peace with whatever is about to come our way.


3 Responses to “Still in labor and delivery”

  1. Michele Says:

    At this point have the discussed betamethesone shots or do they think you dont need them? Sending warm thoughts that he will hang out a little longer and things will go well!

  2. meinsideout Says:

    OMG N – I just got caught up – first, you sound like you are hanging in there – I am impressed. I am so glad the baby is doing well – and that he is going to kick ass and take names once he is out. Feel free to email me separately if you get scared and just need to vent.


  3. meinsideout Says:

    Hey N – just checking in on you!

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