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Growth u/s July 31, 2009

After the scare of being diagnosed with gestational hypertension and being put on meds, I’m starting to accept my fate.  I’ve had time to process and research and gather all my questions.  I’ve had follow up doctor visits to get answers and a feel for what this all means in the upcoming weeks.  And I’ve started wrapping my brain around a baby who comes early or in a medically invasive way.  Sigh.

The good news is the meds are working great and I’m feeling great from that perspective.  I have weekly appointments where they will do non-stress tests and check amniotic fluid levels starting next week.  My doc said I have a mild case of gestational hypertension and no signs of pre-e.  She doesn’t think it will progress, but she is not going to let me get to my due date.  She said she’d induce during the 39th week and, based on the quick peek at the calendar, it would most likely be 4 days before my due date.  I’ve been looking into non-drug ways to get things moving a bit earlier than that.  I’d really like to avoid pitocin.

We had a growth u/s at 32w3d.  Everything looks perfect, he’s still a boy and he has “lots of hair.”  It is so crazy they can tell that!  They estimated he was 3 lbs 13 oz, give or take a half pound.  With that and the various measurements they took, they put him at the 40th percentile.  Given the fact that hubby and his bros were all 10+ lbs, I’m just fine with him being a little on the smaller side!  And that was approximately 7w before induction date, so even if he grew a half lb per week, he’ll be in the 7 lbs range.  There is the chance that things progress with the hypertension and they will need to pull him earlier.  There is also the possibility that when they do the next growth u/s, he will have dropped down to a lower percentile, which will be a sign that the placenta is breaking down and he’d need to be born then.  So we aren’t out of the woods, but so far things look good.


3 Responses to “Growth u/s”

  1. ashley Says:

    I’m glad things are going well given the circumstances. I hope you get the non-medicated delivery you’ve hoped for. Bottom line is that this baby and you come out safe and healthy. Grow baby Grow!

  2. Michele Says:

    Glad things are looking good and sending hopes that you make it to 39w!

  3. meinsideout Says:

    I am so glad that you are doing well and keeping it crossed for 39 weeks!

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