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24 weeks May 30, 2009

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At 24 weeks, the little guy has a chance of surviving on his own on the outside. There would be complications and interventions to make it happen, but it is possible. So I’m thrilled to say I’m 24 weeks! Here is an article with the survival percentages from the March of Dimes. ¬†viability stats

Other than that, kinda the same old thing….I have started painting the nursery and will hopefully be able to finish on Sunday. This is our second weekend in a row with company, so it might not get done. And that is ok. I am still sleeping pretty well through the night (wake up 1-2 times to pee), reading a lot about childbirth, getting winded a little more easily, making sure I get at least one dessert per day, starting to freak out that I won’t be a good mom, etc. And feeling pretty ok about the weight gain. I started out with an “overweight” category BMI due to putting on 15-20 lbs through the miscarriages, so I’m only supposed to gain 15-25 during pregnancy. I didn’t gain anything in first tri, about one pound per week 13-20 and pretty much nothing since then. It will fluctuate from 159-161, but mostly at 160, so I’m up 8 pounds. It has set some fear in me that he isn’t growing and something is wrong (the curse of miscarriages), but I’ve gotten a lot of reassurance that everything is fine. Here is a good calculator for weight gain during pregnancy that gives ranges for healthy weight gain….I’m one pound about the minimum for my stats for 24 weeks, so I guess I’m doing alright. ¬†pregnancy weight calculator

And here is a super cute product I stumbled across! They are monthly stickers you attach to the onesie to snap some photos and document his progress. I had to buy several sets to give to my pregnant friends too. It was hard to decide between the boy set and the gender neutral set, because I love the colors in both. I can’t wait to actually use them! ¬†Picky Sticky