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Halfway point May 4, 2009

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Yesterday, I hit the 20 week mark. Halfway. I wonder what it is like to have the weeks just tick by without all the memories from the previous losses? After going through 5 losses in 15 months, I just feel incredulous to actually be at this point and be able to feel the little guy moving around in there. I am awe-struck and just hope and pray this little guy will continue to grow and stay safe.

So in honor of this monumental event, here are photos of my belly progression. I was hoping to just gain 5 lbs during the first 20 weeks, but was up 7 yesterday. (I’m convinced at least one of those pounds is poop though!) Of course I want my baby to get all the nutrients he needs and to be healthy, but I pre-gained almost 20 lbs through the losses and started with a BMI in the overweight category with this pregnancy. So the medical advice is to gain 15-25 and I’m trying to manage to that.

11 weeks
11 weeks

12 weeks
12 weeks

13 weeks
13 weeks

14 weeks
14 weeks

15 weeks
15 weeks

18 weeks with the pup (yeah, I guess I was busy and lazy during 16 and 17)
18 weeks

19 weeks
19 weeks

20 weeks–non-maternity shirt just for dramatic effect! I do not go out like this….
20 weeks

Here’s 20 weeks in a maternity shirt
20 weeks again


4 Responses to “Halfway point”

  1. meinsideout Says:

    Yay!!!!!! I cannot believe it N!!!!!! Halfway – that is freaking incredible and you look great – thanks for the belly pics!!!

  2. ashley Says:

    Wow, you’re carrying really high it looks like! You look fabulous. It is a little weird though making it to the milestones considering all we’ve been through. Congrats!

  3. Michele Says:

    Such beautiful pics! I’m so happy for you!!!

  4. Emily Says:

    YAY! You look great!

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