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And we now return to regular programming…. April 26, 2009

Last night, we threw a couple’s wedding shower at our house. It was a group effort, but between invites, RSVP follow up, cleaning, decor, buying drinks and food, and developing weather contingency plans, it has been a pretty consuming effort! It wasn’t that I was doing shower-related things all the time, but the sense that I had an extra to do list was weighing on me. All the prep was worth it–everyone had a great time and it was fun to celebrate with the couple.

So now I can get back to focusing on ME! LOL. It will be nice to get back to exercising, having a messy house, and obsessing about all things baby related. So hot baby related topics in my mind right now are getting the crib, researching diapers, working on the nursery-to-be, and looking into birthing options.

The crib
So we want to get the IKEA Gulliver crib because it gets good reviews, it is simple and it is very cost effective. We’ll get the birch for $139. Since this will be the only child we have…maybe we will adopt an older child someday, but they will be out of a crib….it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money. We are running out there today, since earlier this week it was not available online and had no known delivery date for our local store. Today they have 4 in stock.

We really want to use cloth diapers. Both disposable and cloth have pros and cons. It is mixed on which is more environmentally friendly. So I’m not going to preach about why this is better or anything like that. I guess I just don’t like the thought of diapers not decomposing in a landfill for so long, all the materials and manufacturing it takes to create something disposable, and the thought of putting disposables next to babe’s skin all the time. I picked up some used kissaluvs for less than half price. We’ll start off with that and a trial of some sort. But I like to plan ahead, so I’m also thinking about what we’ll want to use as the little one gets bigger. Right now I’m leaning towards pocket diapers. We won’t know for quite some time which day care we’ll have–if we get our first choice, they provide the cloth diapers there. If it ends up being somewhere else, they want all in ones or pockets. It seems like the pockets are more flexible, since you can change the absorbency through inserts and they dry faster by separating the pieces. I love the idea of one size diapers that are adjustable for various sizes too. I have a lot to learn still!

Oh my…this room needs a lot of work! I need to take some before photos! Right now it is full of litter boxes, cat furniture, random boxes, a dresser and a huge file cabinet. The file cabinet has been sorted and emptied so we can get something smaller for our office area in the basement. I’d like to go through the boxes and empty the dresser in April, plus start patching any holes in the wall. Then the goal for May is to get it painted. What to do with the cat stuff??? That is going to be tricky. Right now we have a baby gate up because one of the cats HATES the dog, so he feels safe in there. Plus the dog is fond of cat poop. So I need to do a lot of research on dog proof litter box options and how to integrate the cat into the rest of the house, without having him act out. I love them all. We just have to find a solution.

Birthing options
I’d prefer a drug free birth experience, just because I react really strongly to drugs. We meet with our doula in early May and she will be able to lead us through our options, so I’m not spending a huge amount of time researching this. I did pick up a book on Lamaze for a few bucks, which has also been making me think of other reasons for a drug free birth. Our bodies were designed to do this and once interventions start, it creates somewhat of a domino effect. Of course the book is v slanted to one point of view. It is just getting me thinking about the strength within my own body. I’ve done a small bit of investigation on classes or just the philosophy about Bradley method, Birthing from Within and hypnobabies. I know there may be reasons I cannot do a med free birth, but I’d like to be prepared for that.

Other than that, things are going just fine. The second tri is pretty nice. My only real difficulties are heartburn and constipation. The heartburn was bad from probably 12-16 weeks and then has just showed up again in the last couple of days. The constipation is constant. But the slow down of the digestive system is so the baby can get the nutrients, so I try to remind myself of that when I’m not desperately choking down prune juice. I’ve been feeling movements since week 16, but wasn’t really sure then. It has been a daily occurrence since 17 weeks though. It was initially only when I was sitting or laying down, but yesterday I felt him move while standing for the first time. That was cool! I’m really looking forward to my hubby being able to feel him kick. Hopefully soon.


2 Responses to “And we now return to regular programming….”

  1. meinsideout Says:

    All good stuff! Except the constipation…hope that gets better soon.

    I agree about the crib.

    Also, my little sister and good friend from hs had drug free births and loved every minute of it.

  2. Michele Says:

    I loved my drug free births; the only one I was sick with was the one they gave me drugs (that I didnt want) for. I recommend the Bradley Method. It’s AWESOME.

    And, I love cloth diapers too! I’d recommend a wool diaper cover so that the wetness is contained in the diaper and doesn’t get his clothes wet.

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