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Scare at 15w6d April 5, 2009

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On Friday night, I did 20 mins on the elliptical and then a weight lifting class. I’ve been doing both 1-2 times a week and felt great. After having dinner with the hubby, the most dreaded thing happened. I saw blood when I went to the bathroom. It wasn’t a lot, but absolutely terrified me. I kept thinking I should use the doppler or call the doc, but I was too scared to do either. Finally, I calmed down enough to use the doppler and the baby’s heart was beating away. So I decided to wait on calling the doc to see if it happened again. It didn’t. But I did call the next day to talk to the doc. I’m supposed to avoid exercise and sex until after my appt on Wed and call back if it happens again. I’ll miss exercise!

I’m secretly hoping they give me a surprise ultrasound on Wed to make sure all is ok. That would be cool.


4 Responses to “Scare at 15w6d”

  1. Oh my… that is very scary! Rest hon…. rest up! I say just ask for an ultrasound at your next appt. You will feel relieved! Thinking of you…

  2. ashley Says:

    Whewww, you had me scared. I’m sure you just over-did it a bit during the exercise.

  3. meinsideout Says:

    I have been thinking of you all weekend. How scary N – I am so sorry. So many women exercise all the way through – I hope that you will be able to do what keeps you happy and healthy – I am sure the doc will tell you.

    I hope you get an u/s too – you MUST post the pic if you do!!!


  4. Michele Says:

    With Alex, I saw blood after my yoga class. I went to the hospital and I was starting to dilate. DONT WORRY- I have an incompetent cervix, I’m sure you are fine. I say it more for what my doctor said. Whenever you see blood, lay down, feet up and call the doc. They can better use your info to get you the best care.

    Please post and let us know the results and what’s going on. Saying a prayer for you.

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