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First official visit with my OB February 23, 2009

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OMG.  My doc rocks!  So I’m nervous as all get out today, because I never have good news this far along.  I have my list of questions and concerns and am ready to duke it out if they aren’t going to use the doppler or give me another ultrasound.  So my doc walks in and the first thing she says is “let’s find that heartbeat.  We can talk about other stuff afterwards.”

She’s a woman with a mission!  

She found the little heart beating away and wanted to keep listening for herself.  How sweet is that?  She told me I could come in every day and ask the nurse to find the heartbeat if I wanted.  She said she kinda wants me to come in every week so she can hear it, but she won’t make me.  And even though they typically rotate between all the docs there, she made sure my next two appts are with her.

It was such an enormous relief to have her be beaming and so excited, but also recognizing that they need to alleviate my fears as much as they can.  She even said she was nervous when she walked in today!  It also feels more “legit” to have the doc say everything sounds good.  I feel like I can finally start getting excited and thinking towards the future with this little one.  So today I’m flying high!


5 Responses to “First official visit with my OB”

  1. Lisa Says:

    That is so great Nancy!!!!!! I am so happy for you, really and truly. I hope you are able to enjoy every second!

  2. Ashley Says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so so so happy for you. I was the same way at my first OB. It’s such a sigh of relief when you hear that little heart beating isn’t it? So amazing. Congratulations!!!!

  3. Emily Says:

    Yay! I am so happy for you!

  4. That sounds like one awesome OB! Wow… u/s every week?? Don’t let her go! 🙂

    Enjoy it…. you deserve it.

  5. Lisa Says:

    what’s up Nancy – how are you doing???

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