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Other good news: not baby related February 22, 2009

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When my husband and I met, we both owned 1920s, small bungalows a block away from each other.  Three years ago I sold mine and moved to his.  This meant we had enough stuff to fill two of these houses in one and I brought two cats and an 80 lbs dog with me.  We were crowded and our plan was to look for something bigger…although due to all the animals and stuff, we wanted to buy a place, move in and then sell.

So we saved up money to be able to do that.  We talked about what we both wanted in a house.  And then one day last April, I walked the dog past a house that looked promising–full two stories and three car garage (in the city!) are tough to find, so we thought we’d check it out.  We ended up looking at maybe a dozen houses and, the more we looked, the more we fell in love with this house.  So we made an offer in May.  And we waited.  And waited.  Because this was a short sale and we had to wait for the seller’s bank’s approval to write off what they would be losing.

We finally got the call in August that the offer was accepted!  We moved in a few weeks later, made a few upgrades and purchases, and have been making double mortgage payments since October.  

We knew hubby’s house would be tough to sell.  Let’s just say it is kinda “boy”.  I did what I could in my time there!  We had put in new windows, sidewalk, redone the entire bath and kitchen, etc.  But the real hard part is that it is on a busy street and there is nothing you can do about that, so we knew a lot of people would be turned off.  Last week we pulled it from the market to get the hardwood floors redone, to either appeal to additional buyers or protect our house for the possibility of renters.  

And then we got an offer!!!!  After four months on the market, we got an offer of the full purchase amount, with $5k in closing costs.  I still can’t believe we got an offer AND it was good.  Closing date is March 31.  Woo hoo!!!

And as an added bonus, we haven’t touched our savings during this time.  I might have to for this next month, but I’m really proud of us that we made it work (while still doing Christmas presents and a mini-vacation!) and it is good practice since it is probably what we’ll spend on day care and stuff for a baby.


One Response to “Other good news: not baby related”

  1. Lisa Says:

    congrats on the offer! It was a major load off when we sold our place…I cannot wait to hear how it goes and to see an us pic of your little one!

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