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Second ultrasound February 5, 2009

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So I woke up at 2 am and never got back to sleep.  That was enough to make me call the RE to switch my ultrasound to today, instead of Monday, so I could actually sleep again.  And one thing I’ve gotta say about the RE, it is awesome having same day appointments!

The fab news from the u/s is the heart was beating away at 167.  That is an awesome number!  The thing that wasn’t so awesome?  They measured me at 7w1d, four days behind where I am supposed to be.  That translates to 5 days of growth in a 9 day period.  That is not cool.  Of course, they say it is no big deal, the baby is so tiny it is hard to get the exact measure, blah blah blah….

I’ve heard that before.  I was measuring behind on my second loss and they said not to worry.  I’m not so trusting this time.  

So I’m going to try to get into my OB next week for another u/s and bring up my concerns that they need to see me every week or so until I hit the second tri.  I love my OB when I miscarry.  They are wonderful then.  When I’m pregnant?  They act like I’m just any other normal pregnant lady and that I should just relax.  Unless they are putting me into a medically induced coma for the next 5 weeks, I can guarantee there will be moments where I feel confident and happy, but also lots of moments of the exact opposite.


4 Responses to “Second ultrasound”

  1. lisa Says:

    Nancy – glad to hear about the heartbeat – I wish you had peace of mind and I support you in insisting on u/s so you can maintain such peace.

  2. Ashley Says:

    You keep pushing and pushing them until you get what makes you feel better. Considering the many miscarriages that you’ve had, the only logical thing to do is to monitor you weekly, not because there’s anything the doctors could do to prevent a miscarriage but because they should excercise some compassion towards your specific situation. I really hope this works out for you. Stay strong and find a different doctor if you have to to get the care that you deserve.

  3. I am so glad that you were able to see a strong HB. I know it is tough to believe them when they say the growth is OK — I would feel the same way you do. But, I hope the u/s next week helps put your mind at ease!

  4. Andrea Says:

    I hope you get a peace of mind with additional ultrasound. I really really really hope this baby is okay.

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