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Baby has a good, strong heartbeat! January 27, 2009

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OMG.  I was so nervous about this appointment.  And now I want to call in “happy” to work, because I just want to bask in my happiness and not deal with work.  

Baby was measuring right on time at 6w3d and the heartbeat was 117.


5 Responses to “Baby has a good, strong heartbeat!”

  1. Brianne Says:

    Yay Yay Yay!!!!!! I am so happy to hear this great news! 🙂

  2. This is amazing news!!! I am sooo sooo happy for you!

  3. lisa Says:

    Awesome!! I am so, so psyched for you.

  4. Andrea Says:

    YES!!!!! I’m so very very happy for you! Go little baby, go!

  5. Ashley Says:

    Just came across your blog and I could’ve sworn I was reading about myself. I have had five pregnancy losses and am currently pregnant for the sixth time. It’s been a long hard road as you know. Good luck to you.

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