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Houdini dog December 20, 2008

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We have one of those pull out cabinets with the garbage can in there.  The dog breaks into this routinely, due to meat-tastic scents the hubs has deposited in there (I’m vegetarian.)  Today I watched as she walked over to it, put her paw through the handle and just pulled it towards her.  JUST LIKE A HUMAN.  I thought maybe she had to struggle with it or used her nose to nudge it open, but no.

Then I get a call from an unknown number.  The dog was just wandering around the neighborhood during a snow storm.  My instant reaction is to call husband with “what the hell is your problem???”  This happened a few weeks ago as well where he left the gate open and Tex went on an adventure.  He swears he closed it and heard it click.  Given her previous demonstration, maybe she has figured out that one too.  

What a stinker!

Tex the houdini dog

Tex the houdini dog


One Response to “Houdini dog”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Gorgeous dog! We have videos of my dog breaking down various obstacles and barricades we erected in order to eat 1 – the cat food and 2 – the cat litter.

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