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No news December 6, 2008

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Sorry for the lack of update yesterday!  I POAS again and it was slightly darker, but still maybe 50% of the control line.  That was yesterday.  Today I decided to pass.  And I don’t go for another blood test until Monday to see what is going on with hcg levels.  So just hanging out…..

Spotting continued yesterday.  Sometimes pink.  Sometimes red.  

I’m pretty detached by the whole thing.  I think I’m to the point that somebody has to prove to me that I am pregnant with an actual baby who will make it before I’ll really believe it.


3 Responses to “No news”

  1. lisa Says:

    Hey Nancy – I hate the waiting for me and I hate it for you. I know what you mean about feeling detached – that is really how I felt with the second one. The spotting may be nothing – that is what they always told me and there are plenty of women who spot the entire pregnancy. I know you know all of this – I do not even know why I am typing it to you – I am thinking of you. Also, a darker HPT is always good!


  2. Darker HPT is definitely a good sign. And its OK to feel detached. I felt the same exact way after my first beta. And even now, I still feel like I need more proof than the betas. I am crossing my fingers and thinking positive thoughts for you.

  3. Andrea Says:

    I can relate with how you feel, Nancy. I think it will take 20 weeks of pregnancy, a beating heart…well…maybe even labor to convince me a future pregnancy is okay.

    Darker HPT means HCG levels are rising, right? Every little gain counts!

    Thanks for the update.

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