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Mixed messages–12 dpo December 4, 2008

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Ok, technically I got a super faint positive this morning.  There is a second line, but it is only viewable by the highly trained eye of an obsessive POAS-er, who has peed on what seems like thousands of sticks!  : )

But yesterday I had some spotting and my temp has gone down for the third day in a row.  Symptoms have really subsided.  It just doesn’t seem like it is a viable pregnancy.  I know it is still early and lots of women spot, but I’m just not feeling confident….

Here’s the chart.  The first one is a comparison of all my pregnancy cycles.  Sep ’07 and Mar ’08 were the chemical pregnancy/blighted ovum cycles.  I lost one at 15 dpo and one at 18 dpo, so I guess we’ll see what happens in the next week.



One Response to “Mixed messages–12 dpo”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Yay for the faint line – a line is a line!!!!! I really, really hope it is not another chemical. For now, you are pregnant!!!!!

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