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CD13 ultrasound November 19, 2008

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Progress is happening.  Just slowly.

On the right, we still have the shining star follicle at 17.5mm.  Unfortunately that means it only gained 2mm in 3 days, which is below the expectation of 1-2mm a day.

It gets even worse from there.

On the left, there are now three follicles.  One is 16, which is only 1mm in 3 days!  I am guessing that one is a dud.  Then the 12.5mm one from Sat is coming on strong and is now 15.  Then there is a teeny tiny one at 9mm.

So I calculated their growth rates over the last three days and projected where they would be on Thurs for my next u/s and, more importantly, when they will be ready to pop.  Righty will be ready on Friday.  The dark horse on the left with all the momentum would hit there on Sunday.  

That puts me at cd17 and 19 and I typically ovulate on cd18.  So now I’m wondering if slow pokes indicate lousy quality.  Really I’m wondering if because there are quality issues, it is taking longer for them to grow as they work around that.  Maybe there are the wrong numbers of chromosomes?  Or something is missing?  Maybe that is why I always miscarry?

Why don’t I ever think of this when I’m at the doc???

So we’ll see what Thursday brings.  I don’t anticipate much change.  It is still cool knowing what is going on in there, but I wish they would have listened when I said “do I really need to come in on cd10?  I don’t normally ovulate until cd18.”  I thought maybe this would be different due to the meds.  Next month I’m not going in this much.  It is unnecessary and driving up premium costs, not to mention my copays!

I even came up with a nickname for the twins.  Oompa loompa.  Now it looks like it will be just another lonely egg ovulating late in the cycle.  Let’s hope it is a good one!


3 Responses to “CD13 ultrasound”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hey there – thanks for your post. I am not sure of anything but the IVF process but they want follies over 16 – I think it is lower for IUI but I have no idea so I probably shouldn’t even try to make you feel better if I have no idea what the hell I am talking about!

    I will say that I am thinking of you and thinking awesome quality egg thoughts for you.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Me again.. i just posted on a previous page.. I se similarities in us. we think the same. I too ovulate cd 17-22 most often cd18. Cycle length 30-40 days most often 35. I to go in 2-3 times a week to check follicles etc..
    It will be worth it! I am even wondering why I didnt become a fertility Specialist– I know soooo much now.. I should work in a fert. clinic!

  3. agplatters Says:

    Lisa, thanks for the info about over 16.

    Jessica, I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through all of this. It is nice to know I’m not alone though. Ha ha–it feels like a p/t job already! One of my friends has been trying for a few months now and says I’m her “book of knowledge” on all of this.

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