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Femara and mid-cycle spotting? November 16, 2008

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So yesterday there were the three follicles, with the largest at 15.5mm.  Today I’m supposed to start using ovulation prediction kits.  It is negative, which I expected, but a second line is starting to show around 20% of the darkness of the control line.  But I’ve really been thrown for a loop.  I’m spotting.  Start of period-like spotting.  Why???

I’m not really finding any answers online.  There is mention of mid-cycle spotting to confirm ovulation, but my eggs wouldn’t be big enough yet, cervix is kinda low, I’m on cd11 (normally ovulate on cd18) and the opk is negative.  There is no reason to think I’m ovulating.  So my irrational, multiple miscarriage survivor side is taking over.  When I see blood, it means loss.  So I’m freaking out thinking I just lost one of my eggs, one of my chances at a baby that will stick.  That doesn’t make any sense!  But I’m not thinking right now.  I’m feeling.   

I think I’m going to spend the rest of the day knitting and just chilling out.  And maybe eat a big bowl of ice cream.