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CD10 ultrasound November 15, 2008

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Today was the first ultrasound following the femara from cd3-7.  The nurse saw a 15.5 mm follicle on the right and a 15mm and 12.5mm follicles on the left.  I specifically asked if it was likely I would ovulate both of the 15s and she said it was very likely, but she didn’t feel the 12.5 would catch up.  She also said my lining was thickening–I didn’t ask any details since lining has never been an issue for me.

So I start using ovulation prediction kits tomorrow afternoon.  I go for a follow up ultrasound on Tuesday (cd13) if I haven’t ovulated already.  At that point they will check the size and most likely give me the hcg shot to trigger ovulation.  If I ovulate before then, we know what to do!  But they still want to give me the hcg.

I think this is good news all around, but really don’t know any better since I haven’t gone through a monitored cycle before.  I just watched my temps and cm to figure out when I was ovulating.  I’d be thrilled if I became pregnant with both.  The nurses reaction was “you all really like the idea of twins, but we’d actually prefer singletons.”  I told her I’ve been pregnant four times and lost all of them, so it feels like I’d have better chances with two in there.  

So if I do ovulate on or around Tuesday, this will be pretty early for me.  I typically ovulate on cd17-18.  So apparently the femara not only causes the potential for more follicles, it also can speed up the growth of the follicles to maturity.  She confirmed that can happen.