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Maybe babies? November 8, 2008

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Yesterday was a baseline ultrasound on cd 2.  The nurse said there were “a few” follicles on my left and then just pointed out my right ovary.  That might have been my first glimpse at our baby.  On the one hand, there is this nagging voice inside full of doubts…wondering if I’ll only have a baby for a few months in my uterus again.  On the other, hearing those words made it seem so much more real.  Within a month, I could be finding out one of those follicles is growing into a baby.  Our bodies really are fascinating.

So today is the start of the medicated part of the cycle.  We are doing a medicated cycle with timed intercourse.  It is completely bizarre to be on fertility meds when I’ve been pregnant four times and I’m not convinced that encouraging my ovaries is going to give us a healthy baby.  I’d probably be pretty skeptical about anything right about now.  So here is what is involved–they called it a step up protocol with femara:

CD3-take one 2.5 mg pill of femara (letrozole)

CD4–take two pills

CD5–take 3 pills

CD6–take 4 pills

I’m supposed to take them at the same time every day and then go for a follow up u/s on CD10 to see what is going on with the follicles.  There are a couple of reasons the doctor is recommending this.  My FSH is barely elevated (10.5 and they want it below 10), I’m almost 39 and my biological mom went through menopause by 40.  All signs point to my ovaries starting to shut down.  This means some months I might not ovulate, although that has not happened yet.  This will ensure that I do.  The other reason is they are hoping a couple of the follicles will develop.  I didn’t want to delve into that too much.  Maybe it was to increase the chances that one will be fertilized, but I can’t help thinking it is in case I miscarry again I might still have one left.  

What is femara?  It is actually a drug for breast cancer that impacts estrogen levels.  They found that a side effect had to do with stimulating ovulation.  So this is an off-label use.  It is supposed to be a little easier to tolerate than clomid and not cause as many eggs to be produced.  

As far as the rest of my tests and progress, my TSH level has leveled out.  It started at 5.2 and dropped to 3.4 after taking 50 mcg of levothyroxine.  During the last few weeks, I upped it to 75 and I am still at 3.4.  So today I upped it again to 100.  Normal ranges were considered to be up to 5, but this was recently revised to be 3.  I’m close to normal and am feeling a little more energetic.  I’m definitely starting to feel like myself again mentally.  But we’d still like to see it lower.  Part of me thinks we should wait until next month to try to get pregnant and really get this under control, but with my age and conditions that isn’t a good option either.  

Ok, it is 7:01.  Time to take the femara.


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    Hey – how are you feeling?

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