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The journey from miscarriage to whatever comes next

When will our luck change??? October 30, 2008

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I’m in woe is me mode.  I was up for hours last night, so I’m tired.  My hubby may have a friend staying here this weekend, so I’m trying to clean the house.  I just feel a bit maxed out.  But the kick in the teeth has to do with our old house.  It has been on the market a couple of weeks now and it is slow.  Slow time of year, nobody can get loans, on a busy street, 3 doors from convenience store.  So we know it is going to take awhile to sell and that is fine.  But today my worst fears hit…the house next door has a sign up again.  The house those f-ing manipulative a-holes “bought”.  Here’s the history.  They moved in May of ’07.  This was after living in another house for three months or so.  And they had done it before then too.  They moved out by Oct ’07 and put it on the market.  I told my hubby then they would foreclose and it was all a scam, which it was.  Basically what I can tell is they bought properties, took out home equity loans, used that to buy new cars and i-phones the day they came out (even though one of them was always losing a job) and never paid a f-ing penny towards the mortgage.  They just walk away.  Conveniently she also worked in the mortgage industry.  It went to auction 11 months after they “bought” it–AUCTION!  How long do you not pay your mortgage before your house goes to auction?!?  Ummm….like the whole time they lived there?  So this is what they did at property after property and now our economy is screwed and it is going to be even harder for us to sell our house with a foreclosure next door.  We’ve done everything right!  We pay our mortgage and all of our bills on time.  We don’t buy shit we can’t afford.  We drive one 8 year old Corolla that needs a trip to the shop.  So first we bail out one couple who used their equity as a get rich quick in the realty market scheme, which made them lose their house.  Now we can’t sell our house because of those jackasses next door who knowingly took advantage of bad lending practices.  I’m just so friggin’ tired of it all.  We’ve saved up money to cover both homes for the last 2.5 years, even though we can actually swing it without savings if we live simply.  We planned and sacrificed and watched people do whatever the hell they wanted without any consequences.  And after so many losses, things were finally supposed to turn around with getting our new house and being pregnant….we had paid our karma dues, learned our lessons and this was going to be it.  Instead, there is no baby, we are strapped with that house I always hated and I’m tired of giving myself the “things will get better” pep talk.  I admit, a baby and a slightly bigger house are wants, not needs.  But these aren’t extravagant wants.  Millions of people do it all the time.  And the worst part of it all is now I’m thinking that even if we move to adopting in March, that will be put on permanent hold until we can get rid of that stupid house.  Oh universe, why can’t you cut us a break?!?


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