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Bye bye fat October 11, 2008

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You’ve been around long enough.  I was happy (mostly) to welcome you for the babies, but most of you arrived after the babies left.  Enough of your free ride around the greatest sites and sounds of Minneapolis.  You’ll have to find a home somewhere else, you big, dumb fat globs.  Because today I am finally getting back to the gym.  The old house is on the market and priority number one is holding on to that small sliver of sanity I have left, but kickin’ you to the curb is a very close second.  

So today I am 153.  Heaviest I’ve ever been.  Before starting this journey to get pregnant and stay pregnant 17 months ago, I was in the low 130s.  Twenty pounds isn’t good on a 5’2″ gal who has curves naturally.  My goal is to get and stay in the 140s in October and the rest will kinda depend on the treatment plan.  If we have a couple of months before trying again and don’t have to hit the fertility meds, I’d love to be back in the 130s by the time I get pregnant again.  God, would I love that.


Rode bike about 10 miles back and forth to the gym, due to losing membership card on the way and making the trip twice.  Then did interval setting on elliptical for 442 calories.  Woo hoo!


One Response to “Bye bye fat”

  1. Lisa Says:

    good luck!!! I am 5’8 and I was 158 before I started IVF – and I wanted/needed to lose about 10 pounds – I am curvy as well and never had a desire to be a stick. I am 168 now and I am sitting here on my stool in the kitchen feeling the fat just rolling over my jeans. YUK. I am going on WW again – I am going to try and hit 150 before we try again, if we try again. I am going back to the gym on Monday.

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