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Blood letting commences September 26, 2008

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Today was the first appointment with the RE.  This was at the University of Minnesota and, although they did not have their stats broken out by RPL patients vs not, he did share that there is a 50-50% chance on being able to diagnose what is causing the recurrent miscarriages.  For the 50% that do not receive a diagnosis, 2/3 have a child without medical intervention.  For the 50% they can explain, they are able to successfully treat 90%.  Huh.  Now that I add that up, that means 43% need to pursue other options to create a family.

So he explained that there are 6 categories of causes.  One he discarded right away–underlying medical conditions such as diabetes.  He felt patients already present with that, so it wasn’t of concern.  The remaining causes were genetics, structural, hormonal, antibodies and blood clotting.  In this area, he felt they all shared equally at 20% of the causes.  (Some areas with high pollution or genetic backgrounds may have stronger tendencies to one or another.)  Here is a basic description of each:

Genetic–this involves karotyping of the parents to look for abnormalities

Structural–this would be a problem with the shape or tissue of the uterus

Hormonal–this is the basic hormones needed to sustain a healthy pregnancy

Antibodies–there are various antibodies in your system that can see the baby as an invader, similar to having an organ transplanted

Blood clotting–this can cause problems in the placenta

Since we’ve already had a karotype of the two of us that came back fine and Turner’s is seen as a genetic fluke, he said we’d hold off on additional testing specific to genetics at this time.  He changed his mind when I said my biological mother went through menopause by 40.  He said menopause can demonstrate problems with the x chromosome and we should do the additional testing now to look for mosaicism.  With the basic karotype, they look at a few cells for abnormalities.  With mosaicism, most of your cells can be fine, but some show abnormalities, so they then have to look at several hundred cells.  It is much more detailed and costly to run the test, but the treatment may include PGD with IVF.

Other than that, his main areas of concern were hormonal and antibodies.  I’ve had some abnormal thyroid results, but repeated tests have shown I have antibodies that attack my thyroid, but it is fine overall.  He wants to re-run tests on both of those.  There were also some antibodies that have not been tested before.

He didn’t get into treatment for most things and will discuss as results come back.  I gave 11 vials of blood today and the plebotomist (sp?) said I may have set a record for the most vials at once.  Not sure how I feel about that.  I like his drive to get to the bottom of this, but does that mean I’m a dire case???  

He also did an ultrasound today.  The good news is that everything looks fine and there are no remnants from the last pregnancy.  Additional good news is that I’m about to ovulate any moment.  Earlier this week I had a couple days of high temps (ovulation confirming temps for me) and I was a little worried about our timing.  Although there is an evil part of my brain that says to get pregnant, I really could not deal with that right now.  Off to buy some more sponges.

Next steps:

  • Call on first day of period
  • Schedule day 3 testing
  • Schedule sonohistogram from day 6-12
  • Schedule appt two weeks after period to discuss test results and treatments

I’m a little hopeful.  Just a little though.  It seems like I’ve been tested so much already and it hasn’t actually proven anything.  But he’s an expert.  Maybe he’ll find something the OB hasn’t found yet.

As far as the environment in the office, everyone was so sweet and it was great not seeing all those pregnant bellies!  I did find myself looking out of the corner of my eye and wondering why everyone else was there?  What heartache had they had?  Were any early pregnant?  Scared?  Did they have hope?  And that guy here by himself, I bet I know what he was there for….

I wonder if people do that at jail too–look around wondering what they did to get there.


2 Responses to “Blood letting commences”

  1. Emily Says:

    I really hope that you get some answers soon. If it makes you feel any better, I gave 13 vials of blood yesterday.

  2. Ruby_Tuesday Says:

    Thank you for this blog and this post specifically. I’m from TTCAL. I have had 3 m/c since last July, 13w, 5w, & 5w.

    I’m going to see a RE Specialist for the first time on Wednesday and I’m actually taking notes on this entry (and on standard RPL testing) to take with me to see the doc. I want to make sure I’m prepared.

    I’m so glad to hear that your current pregnancy has been uneventful. I’m hoping and praying that it stays that way. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 9 months..what’s left of them. 🙂

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