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Do recurrent miscarriages due to chromosomal issues predict continued problems? September 22, 2008

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That is the question foremost in my brain lately.  Now that I’ve had 4 m/c and one is confirmed as being due to chromosomes, does it mean there is a fundamental problem with the make up of our eggs or sperm?  And that to continue to pursue pregnancy will lead to continued loss or a baby with some sort of problems?

Here is a study that shows that with each m/c due to chromosomal issues, your chance of another m/c goes up by 13%.  I’ll be asking about this at our RE appointment.  http://www.ivf1.com/miscarriage-risk/

I don’t post this to scare anyone.  There are probably other studies that show different results.  I just want to be as informed as possible so we can make a smart decision on whether to pursue medical treatment, how much to do or if we just go down the path for adoption.


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