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The journey from miscarriage to whatever comes next

Little victories September 11, 2008

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I’m trying to stay positive and find some things to give me hope or make me happy.  (Although I’m certainly not happy.)

So here goes….

  • My boss agreed I can work 4 days a week for awhile, which will free up time for appointments and give me more time to be away from people and pretending
  • I’ve worked out the last two nights (with the other three miscarriages, my coping mechanism was wine and ice cream–neither one really helped)
  • I’ve buttoned two pairs of size 10 pants the last two days
  • In reality, even though I’m at work for hours upon hours, I only work for a small portion of that time.  My big, almost work related accomplishment this week has been completing an application for an MBA program.
  • I’ve contacted two REs to set up appointments.  One is set up for Sept 26.  The other place hasn’t contacted me, even though I left a message Monday and emailed them yesterday.  That might make my decision pretty darn easy.
  • I requested two books at the library about miscarriage so I can educate myself even more before my appointment(s) with the RE.

That’s it.


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