Dream you’re mine

The journey from miscarriage to whatever comes next

Week 8: a raspberry August 4, 2008

So the little one is the size of a raspberry and may even be moving around in there.  Everything seems to be going fine so far, but I am feeling in a rut and pretty lousy.

Boo to being sick!  My sore throat is still here and seems to be moving further down my throat, into the lungs.  I talked to the doc today and she said it was fine to use Vick’s vapor rub and throat lozenges as needed.  I’ll probably still try to limit it, but it is nice to know there may be some remedies to help.  I didn’t even go to work today because I was all dizzy when I got up.  Not sure if that is the illness or pregnancy or combo.

Second boo to dumb banks!  We were told we would hear something last week on the house.  It made the week go by super fast, as every day was filled with hope and each ring of the phone caused a mini-party in my head (until I saw it wasn’t our realtor calling.)  Last week is over and it is Monday afternoon.  I called my realtor earlier to see what kind of excuse the dumb bank was giving and apparently they just don’t give one.  He also mentioned they’d probably want a quick turn around on the closing date.  My response was “maybe we should make them wait three months and see how they like it.”  I don’t know what they would gain from jerking us around, but it definitely feels like we are being jerked around.

So week 8 is starting out pretty low.


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