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Our child will never have a name…. August 3, 2008

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We had talked about names before and decided on Leonardo.  We both had grandpas named Leonard, liked the name and it has options for nicknames so the kid can change it up as he gets older.  We’d probably start with Leo, but he could use Lee, Leon, Len, Nardo or the full thing. 

So this morning my husband says “what about Hillel as a name?”  He pronounced it as “hell-el”.  Um, WTF??  My first guess is it was a super hero name from a comic book and then a hockey player.  How silly that I didn’t think of a founding member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers!  And then he said the nickname could be Hell.  

Oh, spare me.  Why not just call him Satan?  Or Beelzebub (sp)?  Or “I hate my son”?  I told him Anthony Kedis didn’t name his kid after him and he knew him!  He told me to spend some time thinking about it and it might grow on me.  Hell no, I’m not naming my son hell.

It is just as tricky on the girl side.

I’m in an Italian mood, so other names I like are Fabrizio, Raphael, Matteo and other names that sound Italian like Kenzo or Arlo.

I don’t want to offend anyone who loves the name Hillel.  Maybe it has family significance or meaning to you.  It just is not the name for me or any child I’m carrying around for nine months.


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