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Locally made cloth diapers August 2, 2008

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I’ve been reading quite a bit about cloth diapers and think I’d like to try this option.  I’ve learned that when babies are breast fed, the diapers aren’t as stinky; that you can use wetbags to store dirty diapers when out or at day care; that you can save quite a bit of money over the diapering life of the baby; that people who do it say it is relatively easy.  I also figure a messy diaper is going to be a messy diaper, whether cloth or disposable.  We’ll still have a lot of cleaning up to do.  Throwing the diaper into the wash doesn’t seem like a huge step (spoken from someone who has never been a mom and can’t imagine just how busy and tired I might be!)

So I just found a local vendor for cloth diapers.  She had an ad on cragislist for a discount for buying more than 6 as well.  I love the idea of using someone locally, so here is the website for when that time comes…www.twigandvine.com.


One Response to “Locally made cloth diapers”

  1. Judy Says:

    Cloth diapers are great . . and no, laundering them is really no biggie. You’ll get a system going and it’ll just be part of your mommy day! Amazing how many vendors there are for cloth diapers. If you are into sewing, you could make your own. I’ve started doing that and they fit DS sooo much better!!

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