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On to week 7: it’s a blueberry! July 29, 2008

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I’ve officially made it to week 7 and the baby is supposed to be the size of a blueberry.  Week 6 was pretty scary with the lessening of symptoms, spotting, cramping and having my hubby out of town.  Plus none of my pregnancies have developed past week 6, although I remained pregnant until 11 weeks with one of them.  So here’s to a better week 7!

Things are looking promising.  My food aversion has started up again, where the thought of most food makes me gag.  That is why I had pretzels and chocolate milk for lunch.  Everything else sounded nasty.  You know if you look through your cleavage and see the bottom band of your bra?  That should be against my torso, right?  Well, they still fit in the cups, but I’m thinking the bra is getting too small because I see about a half inch space between my bra and torso.  I am TIRED.  Woke up at 7.  Napped at work from 1-2.  And I’ve wanted to go to bed since I walked in the door at 6.  So symptoms seem to be picking up.

The only negative is I just saw some light pink spotting.  Ugh.  I hate spotting.


One Response to “On to week 7: it’s a blueberry!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I can’t believe how my favorite foods have become repulsive. My husband is loving all the leftovers I have brought home because I just couldn’t stomach them. I also can’t believe how anyone works during the first twelve weeks. I wake up at 9 and take a nap by 11, then at 2 and am ready for bed around 8 or 9.

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