Dream you’re mine

The journey from miscarriage to whatever comes next

1st ultrasound July 25, 2008

I was supposed to have an ultrasound next week to measure the baby so the timing of the NT scan would be correct.  But then I started spotting red yesterday and my symptoms have been non-existent this week, so they moved it up to today.

They saw the baby, measuring 6w2d, and a heartbeat of 122.  From what they said and what I’ve found online, that is a healthy heartbeat at this point.  So that was great news and very reassuring.

I talked to the doctor about my disappearing symptoms.  She said that given my history, they won’t consider me out of the woods until 10 weeks.  She did say not to worry about the symptoms, but to call if I have more spotting and cramping.

I’m still scared.  My second pregnancy lasted until 11 weeks and we had an ultrasound at 7w2d due to spotting.  We saw a heartbeat then too, but they couldn’t get a measurement on the rate and it was measuring a little behind.   There were no signs of anything being wrong from 7w2d until 11w.  When I miscarried, they said it only developed to sometime during the 6th week.  So on the one hand, this is the furthest I’ve been since we have a healthy heartbeat.  On the other, I need to shake this feeling of history repeating itself and start to feel confident again.


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