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6 weeks and doctor appt July 21, 2008

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My first doctor’s appointment is this morning.  It is just an educational session where they will tell me to take pre-natals (15 months into it), what to eat, tests I can have and typical scheduled appts.  Last time they also spent some time talking about my “advanced maternal age” and all the stats around Down’s or other chromosomal problems.  Such fun!

I am trying to balance my desire for some reassurance with the appropriate utilization of services.  You see, I work for a health insurance company and we have a strong focus on how the cost of care is driving up costs for everyone.  People don’t generally understand that the more services they have done, the higher the overall costs become, which is passed on through premiums.  So I really want an early ultrasound around 8 weeks.  Shoot, if they could squeeze me in today, I’d jump at the chance.  But then I feel guilty for pushing for things outside of the typical protocol.  And I wonder what difference it will make if things aren’t going well.

But shouldn’t I be a high risk pregnancy?  I’m 38, having my 4th pregnancy in 10 months and have never given birth.  

I’m a little paranoid because my second pregnancy lasted for 11 weeks.  I had some spotting at 7w2d and they got me in for an ultrasound right away.  We saw a heartbeat and they said it was a little behind schedule, but nothing to worry about.  When I miscarried at 11 weeks, they said it only developed to the 6th week.  So it was developing slowly and stopped at some point during those 4 weeks, but I still had symptoms of pregnancy and none of miscarriage until 11 weeks.  So I want to know the baby is developing according to schedule.  

Symptoms are still kinda the same….the last couple of days there were a couple times where I needed to high tail to the bathroom due to nausea.  It passes right away though.  That is reassuring since I’ve never had morning sickness with the other pregnancies, but I’d still like it to be full blown.


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