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The journey from miscarriage to whatever comes next

Kinda, sorta pregnant!!! July 6, 2008

So we were camping in the north country this weekend and I threw in the towel on this month.  First off, I started spotting on Friday.  I am a spotter.  Last month I spotted for 4 days before the period started.  I also have short luteal phases, so I end up second guessing spotting as the start of my period or implantation spotting.  

Second of all, my temp dipped on Sat.  It always dips when my period is starting, so I chalked that up to confirmation of the spotting and impending period.

Thirdly, since towel was thrown in, I sat around a fire and drank with my husband.  I also stopped temping and didn’t take the levothyroxine or pre-natals because I was just sooooo frustrated.

Last night I even lied awake fretting about not being pregnant and wondering how much longer I can go through the cycle of not being pregnant-being pregnant-miscarrying-repeat.  I decided that my shelf life was expired in April 2009.  That would be our 2 year anniversary, two years of trying and anything after that would mean I’d be a first time mom at 40.  I had to draw a line somewhere so I’d know when it was time to move on to adoption.  That was it.

So we get home from camping and there hasn’t been any spotting all day. That little voice creeps in to say “could I really?!?”  That is the same little voice that has spent oodles of money peeing on sticks, so it told me to go pee on a stick.  Another First Response.  At 4:30 in the afternoon.  Without holding pee.  So since it was a dark gold color, I decided it was ok to waste another test by dipping it in and waiting three minutes.  HA!  Wait three minutes?!?!  I had barely pulled it out of the cup, put the lid on and laid it flat when the second line appeared!  It wasn’t even one of those “I think I see a line if I stand on my head and shine a flashlight on it” lines.  This was a LINE.

And when I keep checking it, it is still there.

So here I am 4 weeks, 1 day pregnant.  Probably 13 DPO.  I lost one at 15 DPO and another at 18 DPO, so let’s see if I can make it past this week.  

Pregnancy symptoms:

Ummm, I don’t think I have any, but I’ve been super tired and crabby all weekend–just ask my husband!


One Response to “Kinda, sorta pregnant!!!”

  1. Jade Says:

    WOW! congratultions, so nice to hear your fntstic news good luck with your journey to parenthood.:)

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