Dream you’re mine

The journey from miscarriage to whatever comes next

Holding pattern 10 –or 7–DPO July 3, 2008

Pregnancy symptoms:

  • Not much really
  • Enormous boobs
  • Temp hasn’t dropped (could be progesterone and/or levothyroxine).  It all actually looks a lot like my October chart, which was my longest pregnancy
  • No spotting


  • 9 DPO–BFN using First Response
  • 10 DPO–BFN using First Response Quick Results

So we are on month 14 of trying to have a baby.  Granted, I was pregnant for 5 of those months between the three miscarriages.  And another 4 we weren’t actively trying (but also not preventing) as I went through healing and testing.  And here it is another month of waiting to be pregnant again.  There is so much waiting when you go through multiple miscarriages.  

But here is the deal.  There is another thing involving waiting right now.  We have been fixing up the house for a couple of years now, knowing we would try to sell this summer.  First we want to find a place, so we fell in love with a house and put an offer in two months ago.  And here we are waiting.  It is a short sale and supposedly it has been assigned at the bank….but how long do we have our life on hold until we decide to walk away?  It seems like the signs and universe is trying to tell us to wait for another year.  First of all, financing is getting tougher.  We were denied the HELOC so we could avoid PMI, which certainly isn’t a show stopper.  But we are people who have both owned homes for up to 10 years, with credit scores in the low and high 700s and 10-15% to put down.  If we are having trouble, won’t any first time buyers who are interested in our house?  Then we had total losers living next door who seem to be part of the fraud scams related to mortgage.  Their house foreclosed and has been empty for months.  Now the neighbor on the other side said they are putting their house on the market in the next 30 days.  Ugh.  Three houses in a row for sale just doesn’t look good.  We would be putting ours on the market around $175k and they would do $210k, so maybe that would make us look like rockstars.  I just have a bad gut feeling.

Then we’ve been having all sorts of trouble with our one and only car.  A 2000 Corolla.  The check engine light has been popping on since Jan and we’ve sunk $2100 into it this year.  We’d prefer to put that towards a “new” car!  But our hands are tied.  We can’t buy a car right now with the house looming over our heads.  How would that impact our credit rating?  We love the Honda Elements.  Yep, they are ugly.  But wow, they are useful with all the different seat configurations, the easy to clean flooring (great for an 80 lbs German Shepherd) and the ability to tow.  

So everything is completely stagnant.  And it is mostly out of our control at this point.  Part of me says we pull our offer, get the car and save even more over the next year so we are in an even better place for financing the house.  




One Response to “Holding pattern 10 –or 7–DPO”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Nancy, I saw your post on my blog, thanks for the comment and support! It is so hard to explain myself to people that haven’t been there and don’t understand. Sucks so bad. That is so great that you are trying again, I think we are going to try again soon, just still not ready at the moment. I hope this month works for you so you can be my inspiration!

    I noticed I had to enter an e-mail address to post a comment, please feel free to e-mail me if you want, I am not so great at keeping up the blog, but am however an incredible e-mailer 🙂

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