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8 or 5 DPO July 1, 2008

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Dear body,

You must cooperate this month.  The due date from the second miscarriage is July 25 and I just saw ultrasound pictures from my sister in law who is due 8 days after that.  I’ve been taking the progesterone and levothyroxine to give you an extra boost, not to mention the pre-natal vitamins and omega 3.  I’ve been eating lots of veggies from the CSA and didn’t even drink over the weekend in case implantation was going to occur.  Please.  I can’t be sitting here next month counting down the days again.  Ok, well, I guess I could technically…this past year has shown me the strength of my desire and ability to hope.  But I’d prefer not to do that again.  I’d like to be so busy with my head over a toilet that I won’t have time to post.  So give me your worst pregnancy side effects.  I am ready!



So here I am, either 8 or 5 days past ovulation.  My temps are really aligning with the 8 DPO pattern.  I wonder if I’ll test tomorrow?  (Ha!  Like I really have to wonder!)

Signs of pregnancy:

  • Complete and utter exhaustion yesterday–I wanted to go to bed at 7, but managed to stay up until 9
  • V gassy yesterday.  Mostly burping (that happened for over 24 hours), but a little farty in the afternoon.  I have read that progesterone slows down digestion, which causes the gassiness.  So it could just be from supplements, but that hasn’t occurred until the 5th day of taking them.
  • During bike ride to work, there were a couple of times where I thought I’d see my breakfast again and lots of saliva

Countdown to testing:

  • Recommended testing day: 3 days
  • Can’t handle the waiting testing day:  2 days….or maybe 1

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