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Saline sonohystogram cancelled May 30, 2008

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Due to two very early losses (chemical pregnancies), the doctor had recommended a saline sonohystogram to get a more detailed look at my uterus and lining for abnormalities that may interfere with pregnancy.  Before the procedure, they did a vaginal ultrasound. Luckily the images were so clear (the doc said it was because I’m “skinny”….ha ha ha!) that the saline sonohystogram was not needed.  There is a small fibroid on the upper external part, which would not impact pregnancy.  Otherwise she said my uterus looked perfect.  

So when you look at the factors that allow pregnancy, here’s where I’m at:

1.  Eggs: my hormone levels are great so I’m producing them regularly

2.  Tubes: well, I’ve been pregnant three times in a year (pregnant for five of those months and not trying for another two) so all clear there

3.  Uterus: looks good

Girl parts are 3 for 3.  Woo hoo!  

Boy parts are a big fat zero for one.  I suggested that maybe a sperm analysis should be done–my hubby isn’t sure if he’d feel “comfortable” with that.  Huh???  My hubby needs to mull stuff over, so there is still hope that he’ll come around.  Obviously they work, but at this point we are most likely having problems with chromosomes.  I’d just like to know if the little buggers have abnormalities.  

An interesting development is that she could see on the ultrasound that I had already ovulated.  I figured this month was a wash with the sonohystogram, so didn’t temp or chart.  I typically ovulate around day 18, which was when it was scheduled.  The earliest I’ve ovulated in the last year was day 16.  Our timing might have been optimal?  We’ll see what happens.


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