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Results from day 3 FSH/estradiol test May 22, 2008

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After the third miscarriage, the doctor recommended the day 3 test for FSH and estradiol.  This is a blood test that is administered on the third day of your cycle.  As a woman’s eggs start to diminish and she approaches menopause, the estradiol (an estrogen) elevates as it tries to overcompensate and initiate your eggs to mature.  That is what I’ve learned through google, so there are probably more qualified sources out there for an explanation!

Anyway, my FSH level is 7.2 and estradiol is 49.  The nurse said both were good.  It sounds like there are various ways to evaluate FSH levels, but consensus seems to be that ideally it should be lower than 15.  Here are a couple of websites I found to be helpful.


This site said the normal FSH level is 3-20, but that from 10-12 they are starting to fail.  That doesn’t completely make sense to me….what does 13-20 mean then?  It also said that estradiol normal levels were 25-75, but that you may have low estrogen below 50.


This site provides a good description of the purpose of the test, but specifically focuses on infertility treatments and what is considered viable levels.  

Part of me feels better, reassured.  My eggs may be ok from a production standpoint.  Maybe there are still issues around the quality?  But another part of me is disappointed.  I was expecting to be premenopausal.  I felt like it would put me into a category where they know how to treat it and I’d have some answers.  

I should be grateful.