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FSH test today May 13, 2008

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Today I will have the FSH blood test that evaluates FSH and esdatirol (or something like that.)  Apparently as a woman’s body starts to prepare for menopause, the esdatirol (an estrogen) declines and that causes the FSH to go into overdrive.  So it will be a glimpse into the state of my eggs.  

I have suspected for years that changes were starting.  There were slight differences.  Period wasn’t as regular.  Luteal phase is short.  Some signs are so subtle I can’t even describe them….I just know.  But when you are in your 30s and say that, doctors don’t take you seriously.  Think of all the medical dollars that have been spent on my three miscarriages.  Why does it have to take that?  Shouldn’t they test these things before if you feel there is a need?  

I hope the test results are available quickly.  I’m ready for an answer on this one.  


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