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The journey from miscarriage to whatever comes next

Next steps April 25, 2008

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I cried through another doctor appointment today.  Ugh.

Here are next steps:

1.  Another thyroid test to ensure they are not fluctuating, since the previous tests were fine.  This blood test was done today.

2.  CD 3 FSH testing to evaluate hormone levels.  I should be about two weeks out from that.

3.  A sonohistogram to evaluate if there are any abnormalities in my uterus.  This is to ensure that a placenta isn’t attaching to something that cannot provide a healthy environment.

4.  Recommendations on therapists who have successfully treated other women with repeat miscarriages.  

So we have a plan.  I had created a spreadsheet of my last nine cycles, including menstruation, spotting, intercourse, ovulation and positive pregnancy tests.  I also calculated average length of ovulation, cycle, days pregnant and luteal phase.  Then I included notes on the miscarriages, steps I’ve taken to track my cycles and my areas of concern.

I love spreadsheets!  And data!

It feels good to be taken seriously and have some actions to take.


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