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Hi, I’m a bit drunk April 23, 2008

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So I have volunteered at a local non-profit music venue for many years.  I swill beer, interact with patrons and get incredibly spoiled with great music.  It has so many pluses, but the big downfall is that I’ve heard so many incredible artists over the years, it takes a lot for me to be blown away.  This is the cross I must bear in life.  I guess it offsets some of the other crosses.

Anyway, tonight I spent a couple of hours where one of the staff members wanted to pick my brain on what works well and what doesn’t, how to reach other audiences, etc.  Me?!?  I have no great insights.  I do it for a variety of not particularly noble or thought out reasons:

  1. I get to hear music I may be curious about, but wouldn’t pay for
  2. I get to earn free tix to show I’m actually really jacked about
  3. When I work 40 hours in a year, my employer gives them money
  4. My fave job ever was working in a bar.  Unfortunately for all the bars out there, I like to earn money, work normal hours and have benefits.  I also have a propensity (sp?) towards varicose veins–thanks, bio mom!–so being on my feet that many hours would prevent me from wearing shorts or skirts ever again.  Doing it a few times a month gives me the best of both worlds though–I can earn my living, have fun pretending to work in a bar and only have small bulges popping out of my leg.  Plus sometimes I get to flirt with boys.

So did I provide any useful info?  No idea.  It is pretty amazing though that my opinion matters.  I suppose all of our opinions matter in small, unrecognized ways every day.  Just the thought that it might matter is kinda cool.  I suppose that is what a blog is.  A way to try to make your opinion matter.  

And even weirder?  I am going to be on the finance and audit committee for the board.  If you asked my husband, he’d say it takes a formal RFP to get $5 out of our budget and this is a good fit!  But again, I’m certainly no expert and I only hope I can add some value to the process.  

Life is funny.  You get this idea in your head of how it is supposed to look….well, how you want it to look at least.  But if you are open to the things thrown your way, who knows where it will lead?

Signing off,

Drunkity girl


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